Datalogic J Series ™ PDAs by Datalogic Mobile run at "The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®"

Datalogic Mobile played an important role during the 6th edition of "The North Face® Ultra - Trail du Mont-Blanc®", which took place from 27th till the 31st of August.

Every control post along the 166 km route, which passed through 3 countries, contained a Datalogic J Series ™ PDA to record the athletes progress.

According to the race' strict regulations, each of the 2.300 participants had to wear his own racing number, which incorporates an RFID tag. As the athlete reaches the control post, the Datalogic J Series ™ PDA reads the information included in the tag.

The Datalogic J Series ™ adds new information to the tag, so that it is possible to track the runner. The tag becomes a record that the runner has passed the control posts correctly.

Thanks to this solution, the organization could monitor each runner, guaranteeing that the rules were being respected. For example the Datalogic J Series ™ would reveal if a participant changed his course missing one of the control posts. The jury could then decide which penalty should be given.

By tracking the runners around the whole Mont-Blanc course, Datalogic J Series ™ PDAs played an important role in making this edition of "The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®" a big success.