Matrix 320 Advanced Product Selector

Matrix 320 Advanced Product Selector

Matrix 320 Advanced Product Selector

This tool is an interactive guide to help you select a valid single camera model and application accessories by matching the coverage characteristics of the suggested camera(s) with the required application specifications. Once the camera model is selected, other accessories can be added to complete the Bill of Materials for your application. When completed you can export the BOM to an Excel (.xlsx) file.

WARNING: Since the actual performance of the camera strongly depends on barcode type, resolution and other application characteristics, the results of this tool must be considered as illustrative of the camera capabilities and we recommend contacting our sales engineers to verify your needs.


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Application data

1st series (required)

2nd series (optional)

Coverage check

The DOF shown in the following Coverage Chart is the one entered in the application specifications. The actual DOF reachable without automatic or manual focusing, the intrinsic DOF, must be evaluated or tested in the specific application conditions.
Compatible reading area Reading area at the given distance Requested reading area
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