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Immense growth of ecommerce continues to fuel demands for end-to-end product traceability, visibility, sustainability, and reduced friction operations in most industries. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology offers data in real time and is used to facilitate most tracking operations while reducing human error.

Unlike barcodes, RFID can read multiple tags simultaneously and allow communication of several product information, resulting in better traceability of products. End-to-end product traceability starts at the production site with relevant information of in-process tracking, followed by identification alerts of logistics routes in supply chain operations, and concludes with aftermarket traceability of repairs, reuse, or recycling. The level of efficient and accurate product visibility achieved with RFID readers facilitate true transparency to help avoid waste and thrive for a true sustainable circular economy.

Moreover, RFID technology has made a significant positive impact on not just supply chain operations, but also on customer experience by eliminating customer friction points. From solutions that address effortless checkout scanning to seamless event admission, RFID readers have enabled enterprises to incorporate frictionless measures that enhance the overall customer experience.

Datalogic offers a wide range of ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID devices in multiple form factors and various technologies. These RFID devices can enable users to track each item uniquely. The RFID tags can be read quickly and accurately from long ranges with handheld devices to shorter ranges with fixed RFID reading devices. Datalogic’s RFID devices will help you surpass customer expectations and demanding technical requirements of RFID implementations.

Datalogic RFID systems have improved cost-saving measures and increased efficiencies in a range of business operations. Our RFID product range is used in many critical applications that provide multiple economic benefits across many industries such as, retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare.

RFID systems improve operational efficiencies in various business applications

Identify the biggest opportunities for process improvement in your most critical applications.

  • Supply chain visibility, traceability and overall sustainability 
    RFID devices can trace an item from its production origin and can enable the visibility throughout the product’s entire supply chain cycle.

  • Inventory management 
    RFID devices enhance stock accuracy and help decrease stockouts. When items are easily identified and located, it enables a faster order fulfillment. Abilities to simultaneously read a vast array of RFID tags, dedupe, and localize items swiftly are among the critical matters enabling businesses to gain additional efficiencies.

  • End-to-End asset tracking 
    RFID devices can uniquely identify any item in mass volume without line of sight. Tracked assets enable workflow optimizations and enhance location services and real-time inventory.

  • Access control 
    RFID devices facilitate expedient and frictionless access control.

  • Security control 
    Security measures can be enhancedby RFID devices detecting and preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas.

Deploying RFID systems creates important benefits in business operations

Various ways to measure productivity while maintain efficient workflows using RFID devices.

  • Accelerate manufacturing processes 
    RFID devices are used to expedite manufacturing processes in goods-receiving, component aggregation, pallets/parts tracking, inventory management, and shipping verification of non-finished goods.

  • Expedite logistics operations 
    RFID devices enable businesses to improve recognition and validation of shipping/receiving goods, returnable transport items (RTI) tracking and overall visibility status throughout the logistics cycle.

  • Streamline and optimize retail store operations
    • RFID devices give retailers increased visibility and accuracy to their most significant and largest investment, inventory. Whether it is happening in-store or in the backroom, real-time inventory management enables just-in-time inventory and delivery, which is a competitive advantage for any retailer format.
    • When RFID devices are used for instant item allocation, store clerks can locate items instantaneously anywhere within the store and improve customer service.
    • RFID devices designed for desktop integration can read all items in an entire basket simultaneously, thus expediting the checkout process.

  • Ensure safety and accuracy in healthcare
    • The use of RFID devices saves healthcare organizations time and money by providing benefits related to real-time identification and location data tracking for people and resources. 
    • Efficiencies gained in patient care by using RFID devices improve patient safety with the ability to reduce misidentification issues.
    • Ensuring proper handling of surgical instruments, medications, and blood samples/specimens is accomplished by robust track and tracing offered in RFID devices.
    • RFID devices deliver accurate pharmaceutical and laboratory inventory, which is a critical component to maintain in order to ensure medications are available when needed by patients.

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