Grocery Checkout

Grocery Checkout

Grocery Checkout


Since the first barcode on a product was scanned at a supermarket in Ohio in 1974 using Datalogic technology, the checkout has played a key role in retail. Arguably the most important interaction retailers will have with their customers is at the point of sale. However, as with many elements of IT infrastructure, the point of sale (POS) has become progressively complex in recent years. It is important retailers have the correct system in place as a positive POS service can have an overriding impact on loyalty and an individual’s propensity to return to a store in the future.

In recent years there has been a shift in how customers pay for their shopping when visiting retail environments. Self-checkout systems have become a permanent fixture in the high street, with 63% of customers stating that they prefer self-service over service. However, despite this preference, there are still many issues which can cause dissatisfaction when using these systems. Checkout stores solutions provide an alternative, improving customer service and maximising revenue for retailers.

Often customers have difficulty scanning products and need assistance, whether the barcode or coupon doesn’t scan properly, or the product requires age verification or even not being comfortable or understanding the technology. In some cases, customers simply don’t want to do the work of checking out themselves. All these require the attendant’s attention, which, if it occurs at multiple machines at once, increases the wait time for each customer. An experienced checkout cashier can keep the line moving and avoid these difficulties.

There is also a higher likelihood of theft occurring, as there are fewer employees monitoring the self-service checkouts, even though most systems are equipped with some form of anti-shoplifting technology. Some examples would be replacing barcodes of high-priced items with lower priced items or just not scanning an item or two. When caught, it’s possible for customers to plead ignorance or blame it on an equipment malfunction.

A checkout stores solution will increase the human contact, leading customers to feel more of a personal connection with or loyalty to the store/brand. In addition, many retailers count on cashiers to upsell customers on accessories, special offers, better products, or extended warranties.




Retail store formats range from small kiosks to hypermarkets, each with its individual checkout configuration requirements. Datalogic has unparalleled leadership in reliable checkout POS solutions that enable retailers to enhance checkout speed as well as improve transaction accuracy and efficiency.

To support the different configuration needs at the checkouts, Datalogic offers an extensive line of technology solutions such as 100% digital imaging scannersautomated scanning portalspresentation scannershandheld scannersRFID solutions, and much more.

Countertop & Handheld Scanning: Convenience stores, pharmacy, non-grocery, fashion, DIY and many more have specific checkout needs dependent on their product mix and the checkout configuration. Datalogic has a complete offering of checkout solutions for countertop and handheld use. These scanners provide fast, accurate, and reliable scanning for checkout at any retail enterprise.

Large Item Scanning: Where large items need to be identified, Datalogic scanners provide maximum flexibility in reach and reliability. Repeated shocks at the POS checkout will not inhibit the scanner’s performance or reliability, protecting the retailer’s investment. In case of extreme environment or need to add a bi-directional communication functionality with keypad and display directly in the scanners, the PowerScan™ retail can be conveniently adopted.

Fixed Scanning: As the global market leader in fixed retail checkout, Datalogic delivers retailers maximum innovation and technology. The Magellan™ Series of fixed scanners are used by the top ten grocery retailers worldwide and were the first to deliver 100% digital imaging technology to grocery checkout.

Automatic Scanning: Datalogic is the industry leader for automated retail checkout scanning that maximizes the checkout throughput in grocery. The Jade™ automated scanning portal provides 360˚ scanning of items as they travel on a high-speed belt. The system identifies items regardless of orientation with or without a barcode.



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