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The electric vehicle (EV) industry is in a rising trend in recent years. According to official statistics, ever since the Chinese government formulated the EV development plan in 2012, the sales of EV have been growing steadily.
By 2018, total sales volume exceeded 1 million. Meanwhile total sales volume is expected to exceed 2 million by the end of 2020. The EV market is so popular that many companies are investing in the R&D and production of EV in an attempt to grab a piece of the market share. In the current EV market, whoever can take the lead, wins the market.

However being the leader is not an easy task as EV represents cutting edge technology which is extremely advanced in terms of fuel, technology and structure.
The types of components involved are also numerous and complex. Automotive companies face many problems when they tried to manage the entire process of developing high-quality EV which includes the testing of battery components.


Importance of production testing and critical role of testing tools

Electric vehicle industry

The battery is one of the most important components in the EV and it is also one of the three core technologies consisting the power battery, drive motor and vehicle electronic control.
Its performance determines the vehicle's battery life. The company which gains mastery over this core technology will have a strong competitive edge in the industry and move forward as the leader.

Datalogic vision processorIn order to ensure battery quality and competitiveness, increasing the intensity of production testing is a necessary requirement. In this aspect, testing tools played a critical role.
At present, the various industrial automation brands involved in the battery components manufacturing process offers mixed performance and only a handful of them are doing well.

Among them, Datalogic's vision processor, QR code scanner and wireless barcode scanner were able to meet the precision testing requirements of the EV.


An application success story

In the production of the EV battery modules, an automotive company needs to constantly check the glue quality.
During inspection, if the length or width of the glue to be cut did not reach a certain standard based on the settings, the testing equipment will immediately sound the alarm.
This stringent criterion requires the testing device to be extremely sensitive.

Datalogic customerTo ensure perfection during the testing process, the customer looked at various brands before deciding on Datalogic as the final option. It was chosen for its comprehensive product line including handheld scanners, machine vision, laser marking, identification, sensors, security products etc becoming a one stop service centre for the customer. Datalogic was able to meet the requirements of the glue testing with precise accuracy given that its product sensitivity is very high. More importantly, Datalogic offers great services with its professional technicians who are able to accurately pinpoint and resolve the various problems faced by the customer.

From the above case study, we can see that the success of Datalogic lies not only in its comprehensive product line and excellent performance but largely also due to its professional services. As a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, Datalogic also offers a wide range of high performance and cost effective products used in logistics, retail, industrial, manufacturing, transportation, medical and healthcare industries. Together they help customers to solve their challenges while improving the quality of their products.

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