Important notice to our customers (COVID-19 related)

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Business continuity matters, we dedicate ourselves to serve our customers all year long, and today is no exception.

Despite the Coronavirus global crisis we, at Datalogic, strive to do our best to guarantee optimal continuity to our customers and partners. While many of us work remotely for the next weeks, we remain fully active and committed.
We are excited to host virtual meetings and demonstrations, and to support you achieving your business goals.

Schedule a virtual meeting now – choose your preferred way to contact us, and have the opportunity to experience the technology that's solving today's toughest data acquisition challenges.



Datalogic’s mobile devices for health-care workers offer two additional features: wireless charging and ergonomic designs.

Wireless charging addresses the number-one failure point of all cordless devices: oxidized charging contacts. Eliminating contacts results in greater reliability, a longer device lifetime, and a lower total cost of ownership because of fewer failures. Additionally, contacts can be receptacles for dust accumulation and microbial growth; wireless induction charging eliminates this risk.

Finally, the ergonomic design of Datalogic devices ensures that they easily fit on medical carts. It also reduces the physical fatigue associated with repetitive scanning actions.

In today’s health-care system, mobile computers and bar-code scanners play an important role in infection control and patient safety. They ensure correct patient identification while helping to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. By deploying devices containing antimicrobial and disinfectant-ready materials, and also incorporating wireless charging technology, hospitals can improve productivity while also reducing the risk of secondary infections. Read more...





Datalogic, a multinational technology company based in Bologna, Italy and leader in the markets for automatic data capture and process automation, has made a significant donation of bar code readers and mobile computers to the Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna and to various other hospitals in Lombardy and in the rest of Northern Italy. Read more...





Dear Customer / Dear Partner,

We would like to give you an updated and clear picture of Datalogic’s situation in this period where everyday news and media insist on the impact of the COVID-19 on several companies.

This global emergency has had a limited impact on our activities. Datalogic’s main manufacturing facilities are in Vietnam, Hungary and Slovakia and we can confirm that at present time there has been no closure or suspension of the production of our devices, ensuring our customers a continuity in the deliveries of products and supplies.

Since Datalogic is a high-tech company, we have some suppliers in China (but not in any of the red zones), with whom we are constantly communicating. They have confirmed their situation is improving and getting better every day. All of them have already resumed production and started deliveries to our plants.

Datalogic Headquarters are based in Bologna, Italy, where we are taking any actions to further limit the risk of infection and implementing special procedures, wherever necessary, while assuring at the same time that our operations and services can continue running normally.

Datalogic is fully committed to the health and safety of its employees, partners and customers and as such we scrupulously follow all international, national and local health indications, to prevent as much as possible any consequences.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide you with any updates that could affect our operations.

To anyone impacted by COVID-19, we wish you and yours a quick recovery and extend our gratitude to all healthcare professionals assisting those in need.