Case sharing - Datalogic Matrix 120 is the ideal choice

Case sharing - Datalogic Matrix 120 is the ideal choiceWith the arrival of the Industrial 4.0 era, competition between enterprises is escalating. For an enterprise to emerge as a winner, improving production efficiency is essential. An online real-time detection system using a 2D imager plays a crucial part in identifying and recording a product label; increasing production efficiency and positively impacting the enterprise development.

Currently there is a wide variety of 2D imagers on the market whose performance are questionable; with many having problems such as vulnerability, weak reading ability and poor anti-interference ability. Datalogic’s Matrix 120 2D imager stands out with its cutting edge performance and is the ideal choice for many manufacturers and integrators to perform product traceability and sorting.


Distinct advantages of the Datalogic Matrix 120 2D imager

1. Ultra Compact Size
The Matrix 120 is the smallest ultra-compact industrial 2D imager on the market today. Suitable for product traceability and information sorting, it is also convenient to use with its embedded Ethernet interface.

2.  Wide selections available with rich interfaces
The Matrix 120 provides a variety of models, including a standard application WVGA sensor and high resolution barcode 1.2MP sensor.  In addition, it also offers network ports, serial ports, USB interfaces and other modes of interface; improving compatibility with different devices and allowing customers to choose according to their needs.

3. Quality and reliability
The Matrix 120 uses the highest industrial-grade components within the same category (IP65 and 0-45 ℃ / 32 – 133 ℉), with ESD safety models for the electronics industry and glass-free protective windows for the food and beverage environment which improves quality and reliability.

4. Simple operation with excellent performance
As one of main products within the Matrix family, the Matrix 120 is impeccable in performance. In addition, unlike products from other series, Matrix 120 also comes with DL.CODE configuration software, X-Press buttons and intuitive man-machine interface, which makes it simple and easy to operate.
5. Cost effective compared to others
Compared with other 2D imagers within the same category, the Datalogic Matrix 120 2D imager is the more cost-effective.

Boasting these advantages, the Datalogic Matrix 120 is very popular across all applications. Besides being an ideal product in chemical and biomedical, printing and application systems for OEM customers, it is often used by many integrators as an entry-level application in the field of factory automation within the electronics, packaging, food and beverage industries during actual production.

Below is a case sharing on how the Datalogic Matrix 120 helps customers improve their productivity.

Case sharing - Datalogic Matrix 120 is the ideal choice 

A success case study on an integrator using our Matrix 120:

The customer is an integrator specializing in all kinds of robotics and intelligent equipment.  In one particular situation, the customer received a project for the production of wooden door parts and during the production, he discovered several issues.

During production of the wooden door parts, a 2D imager was required for product traceability and information sorting. At first, the customer tested 2D imagers from other brands, but he found that in the huge assembly bodyline, these 2D imagers were vulnerable to interference leading to poor reading ability and the serial communication mode cannot support long-distance transmission which greatly affects the overall efficiency of the project.

In order to solve these problems, the customer turned to Datalogic. After learning about the situation, Datalogic technicians put forward a specific solution: implementing the Matrix 120 2D imager to read the information and adjust the installation distance and angle when installing the code reader.

With the adopted solution, the customer achieved a high accuracy reading rate of up to 99.5%, which is well accepted by many users. It can be seen from this case that the success of Datalogic lies in both the excellent quality of its 2D imagers and the professionalism of its technical staff; reasons why customers choose Datalogic.


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