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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic Brings Visual Supply Chain Intelligence to MODEX 2022 - Datalogic

Eugene, OR. March 9th, 2022. Datalogic brings Visual Supply Chain Intelligence to MODEX 2022 at booth C7669.

Modern supply chains rely on traceability for tracking and tracing. Datalogic delivers technology and solutions that provide real intelligence from advanced technology that integrates barcodes, vision systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Together these innovations deliver Visual Supply Chain Intelligence.

Datalogic will have an extensive display of technology and solutions for applications in: Warehouse Automation, Retail Fulfillment, Mass Flow Traceability, Reverse Logistics, Last Mile Traceability, Palletizing Technology, High-speed sorting, and much more. The booth will have hands-on demonstrations featuring a live conveyor illustrating multiple technologies including a Mass Flow Detection System. Datalogic pioneered Mass Flow Detection making it possible to Detect, Dimension, Decode, and Depict large or non-sortable items placed on a conveyor regardless of the shape size or proximity.

Innovative hands-free scanning featuring the Matrix StationaryIndustrial Scanning solutionswill be on display with a live order fulfillment station.  Hands-free scanning delivers significant productivity gains from 30-50% in applications such as e-commerce fulfillment, retail fulfillment, order picking, palletizing and much more.  Attendees can try hands-free scanning and experience the gains directly.

Supply chains are increasingly relying on robotic technology for palletization, automated vehicles, and more.  In our booth DataSensing – a Datalogic company – will have live demonstrations featuring the Safety Laser Sentinel and the Lidar Guidance Scanner giving attendees a firsthand view of the latest technologies for robot guidance and safety.  This display will also feature safety light curtains, a key component to dynamic robotic systems.

As a global leader in barcode scanning technology, Datalogic will have a broad display of mobile computers, handheld scanners, hand-free scanners and more on display.  PowerScan™ 9600, the latest addition to the industry leading PowerScan family of industrial handheld scanners will be debuted at MODEX.

This super-reliable device reduces the total solution cost and simultaneously improves operations and productivity. PowerScan 9600 delivers best-in-class scanning performance increasing throughput and overall efficiency.

Unlike other scanners, the PowerScan 9600 monitors battery status and scanner health for predictive maintenance.  This unit is packed with innovative technology including wireless charging that eliminates electrical contacts, a known failure point in other scanners.   It is very rugged and built to survive with IP67 and IP65 sealing, a drop to concrete rating of 2.5 meters (8.2 ft.) and a trigger that is tested to 10 million activations.  

Datalogic will also feature the Skorpio™ X5 with XLR technology that can read barcodes close at hand and up to 20 meters away, as well as the HandScanner, a Bluetooth® glove scanner that allows workers the use of both hands.  The Memor™ family of PDA devices will be on hand including the Memor 10 and Memor 20, PDA devices that were the first to deliver contactless charging to industrial mobile computers. 

P2x, the DataSening smart camera with an integrated vision system, will have a dynamic display showing its powerful color capabilities.

Datalogic will be celebrating 50 Years of Innovation.  In 1972 Datalogic engineers developed the first barcode scanner that revolutionized grocery checkout.  Since that time, Datalogic solutions and innovation continually lead the data capture industry pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver real value for all enterprises. 

Visit Datalogic at booth C7669 at MODEX 2022 and experience Visual Supply Chain Intelligence.

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