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MFDS: Efficient data collection for non-conveyable parcels - Datalogic - Datalogic

The MassFlowDetectionSystem that brings together the best Datalogic’s products for traceability plus the smartest software integration  



Bologna, August 26th, 2021. Datalogic is pleased to announce the new Datalogic MFDS solution for tracking non-conveyable items in a non-singulated flow.

Customers in T&L and Retail can save time thereby increasing revenue recovery. MFDS greatly optimizes process productivity by automating the collection of 4 types of otherwise manually read data, thanks to the pioneering D4 formula.

MFDS smoothly Detects items, even those touching or running side-by-side on large conveyors (up to 1.5 m). This improves tracking process profitability, efficiency, and reliability.

This new solution Dimensions items, whether regularly or irregularly shaped. Providing LFT (Legal for Trade) data, that can be legally used for the invoice, allows an exceptional revenue recovery. On average, customers can save around 150,000$ per year.

Items are detected and dimensioned with the well-known DM3610 LFT measurement system, enhanced with advanced 3D analysis to separate touching and side-by-side irregularly shaped objects.

MFDS Decodes barcode information on labels whilst seamlessly merge it to the respective item details. Identification via barcode facilitates precise and reliable tracking of items along the process. Furthermore, 100% automated data capture solution improves overall efficiency.

Barcodes present on items are recognized by multiple technologies: area imager (AV900, typically from the top) and laser readers (DS8110, from other sides). SC5100 system controller is the system’s brain merging all data to the correct parcel.

Finally, the solution Depicts items by capturing and saving respective images. Imaging technology enriches traceability by checking the item label. It also provides accurate proof of package conditions along the supply chain.

Both AV900 area imagers and a color IP camera take multiple view of the items running over the belt. These images can be used also for video coding activities.

MFDS will pay back the investment within the first year of installation, maximizing ROI and minimizing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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