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Press Releases

Datalogic introduces LaneHawk LH5000 Loss Prevention Solution - Datalogic

Eugene – May23rd , 2018 Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, is proud to announce the availability of the latest generation of its successful LaneHawk™ Loss Prevention Solution – the LaneHawk LH5000 camera.  Datalogic is the undisputed leader in Fixed Positon Retail Scanning, with over the 36% market share worldwide and over the 50% market share in bi-optic scanning.

The complex new retail environment is increasing the risk of internal and external theft. Enabling omni-channel strategies to meet consumer demand has made fraud detection a critical issue for most retailers. One source of external loss originates in items left on the bottom of the basket (or BoB) during checkout. BoB losses can happen passively or as a result of sweethearting. In either case the loss hurts retailer margins.  

By reducing BoB shrink, the vision-based technology in Datalogic’s LaneHawk LH5000 camera helps boost daily profits per lane and generates a quick return on investment in less than 10 months for most retailers.

The LaneHawk LH5000 camera is an intelligent lighting and camera system that is flush-mounted into the checkout lane.  Its placement allows the camera to continuously monitor for BoB items.  Using a combination of barcode decoding, Digimarc digital watermark decoding, and Visual Pattern Recognition (ViPR™) software, the system is able to detect and recognize items on the bottom of the shopping cart regardless of orientation or position of the bar code. Once an item is detected a message is sent directly to the POS alerting the cashier to verify and scan these items before completing the transaction.  Equipped with logging capabilities, the system provides detailed reports chronicling what is going through the checkout under the cart to help manage poor cashier training and fraud.

“Datalogic recognizes retailers can experience significant loss of revenue due to unchecked BoB shrink in day-to-day transactions at the checkout,” states Nick Tabet, Datalogic Product Marketing Leader for Handheld and Fixed Scanning. “The LH5000 systems employ cutting edge vision technology that allows today’s retailers to capture revenue regularly lost due to BoB shrink and realize a significant increase in their profits. It has been estimated that LaneHawk solutions help recover up to 90% of BoB losses, which for the average store can add up to over $25,000 a year.”

This new LaneHawk system significantly improves performance over previously offered solutions.  Key features include:

  • Larger Dual Camera Field-of-View, recognizing items up to 60.9 cm / 24.0 in
  • Future-proof LED illumination for superior bar code, Digimarc Barcode and ViPR item detection
  • Transmits real-time BoB information to POS without interrupting cashier’s workflow
  • Risk reporting provides an audit trail to deter fraud and track losses
  • Requires minimal cashier training due to integration with POS applications 
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