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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic launches WebSentinel Predict - Datalogic

Bologna, May 21st, 2020. With WebSentinel Predict, Datalogic is launching a new Cloud-based data gathering and analytics suite, crucial for customers to maximize their investments in Datalogic devices and services, increase uptime, and minimize cost of operations.

WebSentinel Predict monitors and analyzes devices in real time, and extracts key data points, gaining deep-learning insights based on the current usage of the whole fleet. Leveraging predictive analytics, it determines and anticipates the real need for maintenance and repairs, based on actual usage. This new way is far more effective than pre-defined schedules.

Following pre-defined schedules often lead to unnecessary maintenance actions for underutilized assets, or costly repairs if, on the contrary, heavily-used assets are not maintained with enough frequency. WebSentinel Predict enables fewer failures and higher uptime.

In addition, WebSentinel Predict allows customers to forecast when batteries will be due for replacement, proceed when it will really be needed, and reduce the costs of spare parts. Batteries are tracked individually as independent entities, not just accessories. Even if batteries are swapped between devices, their complete individual history and details are preserved.

WebSentinel Predict performs advanced device fleet analytics in the Cloud, and delivers actionable insights on a single, browser-based, dashboard. Customers can easily check details and history for each device in any location.

WebSentinel Predict also integrates with key Datalogic tools for device repair management: WebRMA, MyOrders and MyCases, creating a simplified user experience with a single sign-on.

WebSentinel Predict currently supports Memor™ 1 / 10 / 20 and Joya™ Touch A6.

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