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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic SH15 Blackline and SH21 Blackline series - Datalogic

Bologna, March 29th 2018. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of industrial computers, featuring the SH15 Blackline and SH21 Blackline series.

Datalogic entered the market of industrial vehicle mount computers in 2017, thanks to the acquisition of SOREDI Touch Systems GmbH, of Munich (Germany), a global technology leader for industrial computers. After the recent introduction of the Rhino II™ 10” and 12” vehicle mount computers (VMC), setting new standards for ruggedness in the warehouse, Datalogic now extends the industrial computer line to factory shop-floor applications: The SH15 Blackline and SH21 Blackline series are industrial touch screen computers, the perfect solution when rugged and sealed devices are mandatory. 

The SH15 Blackline and SH21 Blackline computers preserve all the rugged features already present in the Rhino II VMC: a sealed design tested to IP65/IP67, a capacitive touch display with 3 mm anti-glare armored glass and excellent Wi-Fi roaming capabilities.  As an added value, these Blackline computers, with their slim and light chassis, feature a choice of an energy-saving Intel® Quad-Core or high performance Intel® Core i5-processors.  The SH15 Blackline computer offers the built-in 12-48 VDC or the 110/230 VAC power supplies, while the SH21 Blackline computer, mainly designed for wall/fixed mount, offers only the high efficiency 110/230 VAC power supply.

Users working on dust-filled shop floors, rain-soaked LTL docks, and sub-zero food storage operations need real-time information that can be essential for production processes using devices engineered to withstand these wildly varying environmental conditions.  If production and warehouse managers don’t have immediate access to information via an industrial computer, automation failure can be extensive and costly. Industrial fixed or vehicle computers are the solution to keep production at maximum efficiency.

Transportation & Logistics operators who work with an SH15 Blackline or SH21 Blackline computer in cold storage or harsh outdoor environments, and those of Manufacturing Shop Floor who follow process and quality controls can count on a choice of the latest Microsoft Operating Systems, empowered by features such as the high resolution color display, the anti-glare multi-touch screen with gloves support, Wired Ethernet (GbE), multiple serial and USB ports for scanners or cameras, along with advanced software tools to create custom software keyboards and manage the connected devices.

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