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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic unveils new end-to-end solutions for supply chain and store management at Euroshop - Datalogic

Bologna, 22nd January 2020. During Euroshop in Düsseldorf, Germany, from February 16th to 20th, Datalogic will present its ultimate solutions supporting retailers for accurate data to flawlessly fulfill customer’s expectations.

At the Datalogic booth # C46 in hall 6, visitors will discover how end-to-end Supply Chain traceability, Fast Checkout, and Automation support them today in providing more personalized experiences to their shoppers. Whether customers are shopping in store, from home or on the go, the availability of the information at all stages enables retailers to engage with them for individualized offers and services.

To support retailers in collecting information, Datalogic is bringing to Düsseldorf its most recent technology and devices. One of the most highly regarded devices is the new PDA Memor™ 20, that will debut at Euroshop. It has been specifically developed to empower users in retail, field service and logistic environments, and combines the best features of a smartphone with the highest standards of enterprise level devices.

The Memor™ 20 PDA offers a large 5.7’’HD touch screen and a dual IP65 & IP67 protection in a smartphone form factor design. It delivers everything workers need to ensure utmost efficiency whether inside a store, a warehouse, a hospital, or outside in the field. The embedded Datalogic 2D ultra-slim imager – with Datalogic patented “Green Spot” technology for good-read confirmation, speeds up any kind of barcode reading.

The Memor™ 20, has been validated by Google as an “Android Enterprise Recommended” rugged device, and offers operators the familiar AndroidTM user interface to simplify and expedite deployment. For improved productivity in hands-free environments and multitasking, the PDA is equipped with a secondary notification display on the top of the device. This allows users to immediately see a preview of incoming notifications, and immediately choose whether to interrupt or finish a current task before responding.

To guarantee constant operation 24/7, Memor 20 comes with wireless charging technology. This technology known from the smartphone market, ensures fast and easy loading and at the same time reduces downtime and maintenance caused by dirty or defect contacts.

For identifying items at checkout and recognizing shopper behavior, Datalogic will present new vision solutions coupled with AI to detect and recognize goods. Smart vision technology gives retailers improved capabilities to increase self-checkout effectiveness and to reduce in real-time self-checkout shrink. These vision systems make self-checkout easier for the shopper. They also allow systems to alert store personnel when people is having trouble scanning, so staff can instantly bring assistance.


Meet Datalogic at Euroshop, booth C46 in hall 6

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