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Press Releases

Press Releases

Extend your reading performance with the new Datalogic Near/Far - Datalogic

Bologna, 28th August 2019. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce the new PowerScan™ 95X1 Auto Range (AR) Series and the new Falcon™ X4 auto range models.

When looking for top performance of automatic identification and data capture solutions, Datalogic is acknowledged worldwide for its quick, accurate data capture solutions, and for the excellent quality of products. Today, Datalogic raises the bar, presenting the new embedded 1D/2D Near/Far imager with Auto Range capabilities, designed and developed by its engeneers. By delivering a reading range that extends from 6 inches (15 cm) to more than 65 feet (20 m), and enabling the scanning of virtually any bar code, in nearly all lighting conditions, Datalogic customers may now enjoy the maximum of Datalogic experience and technology.

With this new near/far scanning capabilities on 1D/2D barcodes, PowerScan Auto Range (AR) Series represents the top performing industrial hand held scanner; the Falcon X4 Auto Range models represents the next generation of a flagship Datalogic mobile computer, leveraging well-known ergonomics, elegant design and top reading performance, both in Retail and Logistics applications, both on the store floor and in the back office/warehouse.

The new Auto-Range products from Datalogic enable operators to easily move from scanning a close-up bar code on a pallet, to one on top of a warehouse rack, maximizing efficiency of the warehouse workers. Using a powerful LED lighting system, the imager projects a regular pattern with sharp edges to be used as a field of view indicator in the close-up field, while a laser aimer provides visibility at the far range.

The proven robustness of these products can withstand the harshest environments and have been tested and certified against repeated drops, water and dust sealing, and extreme temperatures. 

This new imaging technology makes the PowerScan 95X1 AR and the Falcon X4 the best choice for Datalogic target industries: Retail (Back Office/Warehouse – Store and Stock, Inventory); Manufacturing (Traceability, Sorting and Shipping, Warehouse Management); Transportations and Logistics (Put away, Shipping/Receiving, Picking and Packing, Cycle Counting); and Healthcare (Inventory Management).

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