Honeywell Files Lawsuit Against Datalogic - Datalogic Denies Allegations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HONEYWELL FILES LAWSUIT AGAINST DATALOGIC Datalogic Denies Allegations Eugene, OR, November 5, 2008 – Datalogic Scanning, Inc. announces that on October 22, 2008, Omniplanar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Metrologic Instruments, Inc., now a part of Honeywell International, Inc., filed a complaint in the United States District Court in New Jersey against Datalogic S.p.A. and its subsidiary Datalogic Scanning, Inc., for copyright infringement, breach of contract and related claims. Omniplanar claims that certain Datalogic products made wrongful use of software licensed to Datalogic by Omniplanar. The Omniplanar software had been licensed by Omniplanar, Inc. to Datalogic S.p.A. beginning in the year 2000. Omniplanar was subsequently acquired by Metrologic and when Datalogic learned of Omniplanar’s acquisition by a competitor, it transitioned to its independently developed decoding software and terminated the Software License. Datalogic denies any breach or wrongful use of Omniplanar’s software and believes the claims are brought in retaliation to lawsuits filed by Datalogic against Metrologic. Omniplanar’s allegations brought four years after official termination of the software license, come on the heels of its parent Metrologic being served in August with a lawsuit for trade secret misappropriation by Datalogic. Datalogic’s action for misappropriation of its trade secrets arises out of the actions of an ex-Datalogic employee subsequently employed by a Metrologic affiliate through whom Metrologic came to wrongfully possess and use confidential information belonging to Datalogic relating to costs, margins, and related competitive positioning and information respecting customers for bioptic, single plane, and other classes of scanners sold by Datalogic. There has been a history of litigation between the two competitors. In addition to Datalogic’s trade secret misappropriation lawsuit against Metrologic, a patent infringement action by Datalogic against Metrologic, filed two years ago, remains pending in Oregon as does a patent infringement action brought in Germany by an affiliate of Datalogic against an affiliate of Metrologic. About Datalogic Scanning Datalogic Scanning, a division of the Datalogic Group, offers a broad array of bar code scanning technology, products, and services for the retail automation and automated data-capture markets. Datalogic Scanning serves the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as the healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, government, banking and finance sectors. Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, USA, Datalogic Scanning has a presence in over 120 countries through its extensive channel partner network, with sales and service offices are located throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific region. For more information, please visit, send an email to or call toll-free +1-800-695-5700 (in the US) or +1-541-683-5700. Datalogic is a registered trademark of Datalogic S.p.A. in many countries and the Datalogic logo is a trademark of Datalogic S.p.A. All other brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies. Contact: Marcy Edwards, Sr. Intellectual Property Counsel (541) 302-1123 ###