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Press Releases

Press Releases

IMPACT Software12.0 by Datalogic: vision-guided robotics made easy - Datalogic

Bologna, September XX- Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, proudly announces the release of IMPACT Software 12.0, the latest version of the well-known software by Datalogic for Vision Guided Robotics applications. This enhanced release makes it easier to locate objects, quickly compile and format data, and then communicate that data to other automation or databases, ensuring product identification and location for all industries.

IMPACT 12.0 delivers new inspection tools and improvements such as the new Pattern Find Tool for Vision Guided Robotic applications demanding fast locating and extremely high accuracy and repeatability, making it easier and faster to integrate Datalogic machine vision with any robot. Supported by Datalogic MX-E and MX-U vision processors, the Pattern Find Tool allows users to easily set up the location of an object in a few steps, using the familiar, easy-to-use IMPACT interface. This allows users to have the robot up and running in less time.  If higher speeds are needed, it’s possible to run the tool in multi-core mode to take advantage of the true processing power of Datalogic MX-E and MX-U vision processors. Now with one Enhanced License, which is available only on our MX-E and MX-U vision processors, you not only get the new Pattern Find Tool but also both of our OCR tools.

Among the many improvements featured by IMPACT version 12.0 are:

  1. Enhanced Calibration, that makes it easier to pre-set the camera and coordinates of an image with the coordinates of a robot;
  2. Enhanced String Builder, to collect the needed data and formatting it for other automation and databases;
  3. New Data Archiving Tool, designed to write data from a vision device directly to a network database.

“Despite smart vision technology having been around for many years, this technology is rapidly evolving with high expectations for the future and will play an ever increasing role within the industrial automation business. An essential part of advanced vision guided robotics is the software. It not only guides the robot but is also able to perform other inspections.” -said Bradley Weber, Product Marketing Manager of Datalogic “In the past, robots were totally dependent of software written for each individual task. Today, vision-guided robots exist in a flexible automated environment requiring the control software to first identify an object among many different types of objects and then give the robot exact coordinates, making the robot faster and more effective.

With the release of IMPACT software 12.0, Datalogic furthers its ability to solve more Vision Guided Robotics applications as well as make them easier to deploy, thus rivaling the top competitive tools in the industry.

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