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Press Releases

Press Releases

Make it, Mark it, Pack it, Track it. - Datalogic

Bologna, November 7th 2019. From 26th to 27th November at SPS Smart production solutions in Nuremberg, Germany, Datalogic presents its latest products and solutions portfolio for safe production, tracking and packaging processes.

For the first time Datalogic will show at hall 7, booth 110 its new IMPACT™ Software version 12.2. This SW version improves the overall performance and ease of use regarding vision guided robotics and traceability. The new tool is tested and approved to work with cobots from “Universal Robots” to provide fast and simple deployment of vision guided robotics applications. Users can now calibrate and set up simple pick and place applications right from the robot teach pendant. Datalogic IMPACT 12.2 comes with an IMPACT 2D Robot Guidance UR Cap Plugin ready for download. Along with usability enhancements for guidance, Datalogic has also made performance enhancements to multiple locate tools to improve positional accuracy. Speed and usability improvements to the Advanced OCR tool are now assisting users solve more traceability applications faster.

With the MARVIS™ solution manufacturers are able to reach zero-defect marking and to ensure 100% readability of the code, down to a batch of one. MARVIS is a complete solution based on Datalogic’s laser marking products AREX, VLASE and UNIQ, and the full Matrix family of readers. It features a full set of accessories and configurations to approach virtually any kind of “Mark and Validate” process. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for laser and reader setup and graphics editing, is among the key features as well as the GOOD/ BAD Digital Output for easy parts selection. The newly released Lighter Laser Marking Software introduces the embedded support for PROFINET IO (PNIO) that alongside the support for ETHERNET/IP and ETHERNET TCP/IP will provide a complete set of high-level networks for industrial automation applications.

In order to guarantee the traceability of products in logistical processes, flexible data capture solutions are required. In Nuremberg Datalogic shows two new devices that can capture codes from both short and long distances. Both the PowerScan™ 95X1 Hand Held Scanner and the Falcon X4 rugged mobile computer are now able to provide reading distances from 15 cm to 20 meters, regardless of light conditions, simplifying every data capturing process on production and warehouse levels, thanks to the new Auto Range models. For PDA based applications, the new model of the Memor 10 is offering latest Android 8.1 Oreo, GMS suite for Google applications and APIs together with a high performance megapixel sensor for extended scanning performance. The PDA can also be used for tobacco applications as it reads DotCodes just as well as digital watermarks from Digimarc®.

Also for the first time on display in Nuremberg is the new smart sensor series. The new generation of sensors will feature Datalogic’s new ASIC, the IO-Link master device, available for Profinet and Ethernet-IP field bus connection, that will enable the S5N tubular sensor and all the future Datalogic smart sensors to be connected from the machine to the cloud. This new device series combines all the IO-Link standard sensors and actuators connectivity with all the benefits of OPC-UA technology and Field busses like Ethernet-IP, Profinet and Modbus all together in one family with two different devices to select the appropriate bus technology.

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