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Press Releases

Press Releases

New DS5100 laser scanner from Datalogic - Datalogic

Bologna, February 1st 2018 - Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, announces DS5100, the new flexible, powerful and compact laser scanner.  With multiple models available, the DS5100 family delivers superior reading performance and embedded industrial connectivity in a top industrial grade.

Datalogic has managed to combine in a single product the most real and earnest needs of any production environments: a cost-effective solution, ideal for any identification needs, in many applications, from the Automotive Industry, to the Food & Beverage, to the Pharmaceutical one. Thanks to the availability of medium range, long range, oscillating mirror and subzero models, the DS5100 laser scanner allows to cover an extensive range of applications such as: Shop Floor, Production Traceability, End of Line, Automated Warehouse, Intralogistics, Pallet Reading, Cold environment.

The continuous push towards the renewal of its technology and the huge investments that Datalogic places in Research and Development, lead to an ever further technological upgrade of its solutions. Thus DS5100, with its outstanding performance, will replace some of the current laser scanner solutions, simplifying the Datalogic Scanner Portfolio with a smart, flexible and high performance offer.


Key Benefits

  • Performance in harsh industrial environments at any operating condition  
  • Outstanding reading execution
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for different applications
  • Easy installation, setup and maintenance
  • Compact dimensions
  • Multilanguage display


Key Features

  • Medium and Long range models, linear and oscillating mirror models
  • Mechanical focus adjustment for extreme application flexibility
  • Smart multi-side and networking capability,  on-board ID-NET™ interface for high-speed communication networks in combination with DS2100N/DS2400N, on-board Ethernet Bus Connection (EBC) for real-time synchronization events in combination with DS8110/DX8210 network
  • On-board Ethernet/IP and PROFINET fortotal embedded connectivity to main industrial Fieldbus provide cost saving, simplified cabling and short installation time
  • Digital Signal Technology (DST), ACR4™ reconstruction technology, PACKTRACK™ for outstanding reading performance
  • Superior ambient light immunity
  • Top industrial grade, IP65 and subzero version for low temperature environments
  • X-PRESS™ interface, Genius™ configuration software, multi-language display, rotating connectors block for easy installation, setup and maintenance


Typical Applications

  • Automotive: Shop Floor, Work In Progress Control, Parts Traceability
  • Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical: Secondary Package Control, End of Line, Palletizing, Automated Warehouse, Tote Tray Identification, Automatic Picking Process Control, Intralogistics, Entry level Sorting and Shipping Process, Pallet Reading, Cold Storage and Outdoor applications (subzero models)
  • General Manufacturing: Shop Floor, Work In Progress Control, Parts Traceability, Secondary Package Control, End of Line, Palletizing, Shipping process, Automated Warehouse, Intralogistics
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