Auto-ID Solutions for Automatic Baggage Handling System

Datalogic Automation has the pleasure to announce the availability of new Auto-ID Solutions for Automatic Baggage Handling Systems (BHS).
Millions of baggage every day need Auto-ID as the key technology to track and correctly deliver them between thousands of airports worldwide. The new BHS set a new standard solution including features and tools covering the whole systems’ lifecycle: from tools to facilitate systems’ installation and configuration, to improved productivity and performances, ending with increased reliability and products’ lifetime.
The new BHS Solutions have solid foundations, two Datalogic Patented Technologies with more than 10 years of experience in the field:
- ASTRATM  with its multi laser sources and real time electronic autofocus, provides unbeaten reading performances, excellent reliability (autofocus has no moving parts) and reading redundancy (the same code can be read by different laser sources)
- PACKTRACKTM through precise luggage tracking and real time bar code label’s position measurement, allows minimum gap between baggage even at high sorting speed, achieving great throughput. 
In order to easily exploit the above potential, BHS Solutions’ address the need for an easy, quick and safe installation:
- All-in-one mounting kit: all solution’s components (bar code readers, controller, power supply, connection cable, sensors etc.) are together inside one single box, an easy to manage mounting kit
- Factory setting: no need to configure all the generic parameters they’re ready to go (i.e. internal networks already running at the first start-up)
- Auto PackTrack calibration: a special software routine avoids any need for mechanical tools (ruler etc.) and manual operations.   
Another important innovation, the “Energy Saving” function, applies smart management for the scan engine inside each bar code reader; this electrical motor will be stopped whenever no parcels are running on the conveyor for a defined period of time. “Energy Saving” will therefore extend products’ lifetime and will also reduce significantly power consumption during standby period.
The new BHS Solutions combined with +20 years experience and +2000 installed systems in the world,  is a great opportunity both for Datalogic to consolidate his leadership in the Airport Baggage Handling business and for his Customers who will benefit from the additional values and the reduced total cost of ownership of the new Solutions.