Current situation of the new Datalogic Automation with the new CEO, Lamberto Girolomoni.

Bologna, Italy, March 16, 2009  - Lamberto Girolomoni is the new CEO of Datalogic Automation, a division of Datalogic Group and one of the major worldwide manufacturers of automatic identification, detection and marking solutions. Since 2009, it has been working on the market with a very wide range of products for the world of Factory Automation, in particular for the Packaging Machinery & Machinery, Automotive, Electronics & Solar industries.
"The first goal that we must achieve - the new CEO explained - is that of creating a team that is fully aware of the targets assigned: what we must do first therefore, is to explain to all employees which objectives are to be pursued. To do this, we must set-up an efficient in-house communication system to keep all staff members informed and strongly involved: one of the first important tools implemented is indeed the recent newsletter "Dataletter" of Datalogic Automation".

"Current changes, due on one hand to the in-house reorganization of the company and, on the other, to the difficult worldwide economic crisis - Mr. Girolomoni continued - mean that we must all become flexible and open-minded towards change, with the awareness that "we are what make the company". First and foremost, it will be of crucial importance for the company to promote strong integration of the Business Units, using appropriate tools. Staff members may thus identify themselves first in Datalogic Automation and then in their own specific BU".
These company strategies were illustrated during the first Sales Meeting of the new organization, held last February. The 4-day summit involved not only the top managers but also the whole sales and marketing team.

"This initiative - Mr. Girolomoni added - proved undoubtedly very useful for two important reasons. On one hand, this first Sales Meeting of the new Datalogic Automation proved essential in order to explain the new in-house organization and to create just one company identity: the objective was indeed achieved also thanks to the familiar and relaxed dinners. What's more, the initiative was very important from a technical point of view too: during the event, team members of Datalogic Automation did indeed attend a training course on the basic technologies and the range overview of the Business Units, exploring the main specifications of the products and applications. Another tool for exchanging skills offered by the company is represented by the "Tutorials", which will enable sales people to learn even at a distance from different parts of the world. To be able to count on a competent sales network that is fully trained on all the products offered will be fundamental in guaranteeing the success of the new "Datalogic Automation" division.

"The values embedded in Datalogic's DNA - Mr. Girolomoni concluded - such as enthusiasm, ethics, professionalism, teamwork, commitment, persistence and responsibility, are the foundations of our business policy, where colleagues, customers and suppliers work together in harmony. It is also very important to pursue shared goals: everyone should speak their mind, putting forward their ideas and stating their opinions to discuss them, but once the decision has been made, everyone must move in the same direction".