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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic and Lyngsoe Systems together at Inter Airport Europe - Datalogic

Bologna 20 September 2017- Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce its participation in the Inter Airport Europe, the 21st International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design and Services that will open its gates at the Munich Trade Fair Centre, in Germany, from 10 to 13 October. The 2017 edition of the world’s leading airport exhibition will focus on the rising demand for digitalization and automation systems.

Datalogic, among the main provider of traceability solution for airports industry, will join the fair in partnership with Lyngsoe Systems, the Danish  world leader in logistic solutions across the customer supply chain, offering real-time transparency, traceability and data. The consolidate partnership between the two companies has led to the perfect integration of Automatic Tag Reading solutions, imager reading stations, Machine Vision technologies, and BHS baggage tracking systems, in order to provide the most accurate, end-to-end identification  solutions for baggage handling systems, thanks to the combination of barcodes and RFID technologies.

The two companies will showcase their joint offer of Datalogic Scanners and cameras and Lyngsoe RFID antennas at Hall A5, stand #1106.

In particular Datalogic and Lyngsoe Systems solutions will address all the questions that have been raised by the IATA’s announcement of the new Resolution 753 on baggage tracking, which comes into effect in June 2018. What does this mean for airlines, airports and ground handlers? What steps they may need to take to prepare for its implementation? The Resolution states that “IATA members shall maintain an accurate inventory of baggage by monitoring the acquisition and delivery of baggage”. IATA members are asked to demonstrate acquisition and delivery of baggage when custody changes; provide an inventory of bags upon departure of a flight; and be capable of exchanging these events with other airlines as needed. The Resolution 753 aims at reducing mishandling by determining custody of every bag during different phases of the baggage chain and improving customer service, also reducing the possibility of baggage fraud by closing the baggage journey.

In response to the latest technological demand of the market Datalogic and Lyngsoe Systems present:
ATR+R (Automatic tag reading solution + RFID)

Datalogic ATR (Automatic Tag Reading) is the high performance solution in baggage sortation applications. It offers the simplicity of a standard solution in conjunction with very high performance thanks to the use of top class barcode readers. ATR +R system is based on laser and /or imager technology and is able to solve critical problems on baggage handling, while reducing manual handling operations. The adoption of 2D imager technology for ATR applications improve the read rate, especially on damaged barcode (baggage in transit).

The BHS Island is the main attraction on the booth. A realistic and working airport installation will be showed. The hybrid reading station is composed of eight  Datalogic Laser high end scanners, and four Matrix 450 imagers , and couple of RFID antennas (without any shielding). Websentinel™ software completes the system providing full image management and system diagnostics. To improve the lost&found processes and to increase the traceability information on baggage, Machine Vision technology can be integrated in BHS baggage tracking systems to match baggage images with barcode information. The smart camera P-series captures color images of the passing baggage allowing image saving as .jpg file in a remote PC server and named using the corresponding barcode string.

The Lyngsoe RFID devices will integrate the solution detecting the content of the baggage.



As for Hand Held Scanners and Mobile Computers, the following Datalogic models will be showed:

  • PM9500
  • PD9100
  • Falcon X3
  • Skorpio X4
  • DL-Axist


Lyngsoe Systems has been a world leader in the field of cutting edge electronic logistics control for over 40 years and are leading within the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. We are renowned for innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to put ideas into practice.

We offer best in class logistical solutions across the customer supply chain, offering real-time transparency, traceability and data capture to increase customer revenues, reduce OPEX and ensure quality.

With a proven track record of more than 3,700 installations in 56 countries, the Lyngsoe Systems team can demonstrate extensive experience in customer process knowledge, solution design, software development, integration, service and maintenance. In addition, we offer complete project management and consultancy services in any local, regional or even global setting.

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