Datalogic and San Group present the latest news on security and risk analysis

Over sixty project technicians of machines and of electrical equipment for machines/systems and manufacturers of electrical control cabinets, as well as maintenance foremen, attended the seminar entitled "Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and standards EN ISO 13849-1, EN IEC 62061. A new approach to the functional safety of machinery". The event, organized by Datalogic Automation, in collaboration with the partner San Group from Monteveglio (an industrial consultancy enterprise that specializes in the analysis and planning of"integrated safety measures" for industrial systems and machinery), took place on Tuesday, October 27th in the impressive settings of the Industrial Heritage Museum in Bologna.
The seminar was successful also in view of the current topic involving industrial safety and was attended by specialists of this industry who work for major manufacturers of automatic machinery. Speakers were Andrea Brunetti from San Group and Raffaele Tomelli from Datalogic Automation.
The meeting not only covered the new directives on the topic of machinery safety, but also illustrated the project denominated "Sempreanorma" (always compliant): an innovative service available on the website that enables the complete traceability of the product, creating a direct link with the end user of the barrier and the manufacturer. Thanks to this service, the end user of the safety component is indeed assisted by a remote maintenance service that leads to minimizing maintenance costs, maximizing system efficiency and "safeguarding" oneself in the case of accidents from a legal point of view.