Datalogic Mobile Computers Achieve CCX Version 4 Certification

Bologna, April 30, 2008
– Datalogic Mobile announces that all its mobile computers that run the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile operating systems have been certified for Cisco Compatible Extensions Version 4 (CCX V4) using a radio solution provided by Summit Data Communications.

Tom Burke, Director of World Wide Product Marketing for Datalogic Mobile, stated, “Datalogic is excited to be one of the first manufacturers to certify all our latest mobile computers for CCX V4.”  The certification covers the Datalogic Memor™, Datalogic Jet™, Datalogic Skorpio™, Datalogic Falcon™, Pegaso™, and Kyman™ products which are used in Retail, Warehouse, and Field Force Automation applications.

“Our end users are very concerned about the security of wireless transmission and the reliability of wireless connections,” said Burke. “With CCX V4, Datalogic mobile computers support the latest industry standards and Cisco innovations for key capabilities such as security, mobility, quality of service, and management. CCX V4 testing ensures that those capabilities are supported with both Cisco autonomous and controller-based wireless infrastructures. CCX V4 provides our business partners a strategic advantage in winning business because many enterprises have Cisco wireless LAN infrastructures, and increasingly those infrastructures include Cisco controllers.”

With Cisco products in nearly two-thirds of enterprise wireless LAN, or Wi-Fi® infrastructures, organizations of all sizes and types demand that the Wi-Fi radios in their mobile devices bear the Cisco Compatible seal, which is earned through the CCX program. “Users and administrators of business-critical mobile devices place a high value on CCX,” said Ron Seide, Summit’s president. “We engineer CCX V4 support into every one of our radios so that they provide full support of the controller-based Cisco Unified Wireless Network and a broad range of features for reliable connectivity and roaming, improved quality of service, and robust security.”

The security capabilities required to pass CCX V4 tests ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a critical requirement in retail applications handling credit card information. “Our retail customers are very concerned about PCI compliance,” said Burke. “CCX V4 on our mobile computers is a huge advancement in assuring their systems are compliant.”

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