Datalogic Mobile devices now read GS1 DataBar™

Bologna, 20 November 2008 - Datalogic Mobile, among the worldwide market leaders in the Rugged Mobile Computers market, is one of the first in the industry to support the new decoding symbology GS1 DataBar™ for all its Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows CE mobile computers.


January 1, 2010 is the global sunrise date for all trade item bar code scanning systems to include the capability of reading GS1 DataBar™ bar codes (source: Global manufacturers can start labeling retail goods with GS1 DataBar™ bar codes beginning January 1, 2010, and retailers must be ready for this change. Datalogic Mobile is ready to support our retail customers today with GS1 DataBar™ compliant mobile computers.


GS1 DataBar™ (formerly RSS) symbols can be used to identify small items and can carry more information than current EAN/UPC bar codes. GS1 DataBar™ encodes the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), which will enable unique identification of hard-to-mark products like fresh foods and produce. These symbols can also carry GS1 Application Identifiers such as lot numbers and expiration dates, creating solutions to support product authentication and traceability for variable measure products such as meat, deli, and produce.


Datalogic Mobile provides a wide range of mobile computers suitable to meeting any retail application and performance requirements. These products provide the features required to fully support the GS1 DataBar™ 2010 Sunrise, and to support all of the coming applications for GS1 DataBar™. Datalogic mobile computers are able to read the seven variants of GS1 DataBar™ that may be seen in the retail supply chain.

Datalogic Mobile has introduced the new decoding symbology GS1 DataBar™ in its mobile computers Kyman™, Falcon 4400, Memor™ and Skorpio™.