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Press Releases

Datalogic sets a New Standard for Supply Chain Traceability at ProMat - Datalogic

Datalogic unveils industry leading traceability technology at ProMat DX, the supply chain industry’s leading trade event for 2021. ProMat DX is being held digitally April 12th – 16th.

Distributors, 3PLs, Manufacturers, Retailers, and Logistics providers rely on Datalogic for traceability solutions that deliver visibility to products and materials moving throughout their supply chains.  The onset of the COVID pandemic and the dramatic increase of online orders created new challenges for supply chains.

Datalogic responds to these challenges with innovative technology solutions that set a new standard for traceability throughout supply chains: 

  • Mass Flow Detection System – Automated systems that detect and identify non-conveyable items regardless of shape, size and proximity
  • Matrix 320 – the top performing stationary industrial scanner with a revolutionary 16:9 aspect field of view
  • AV900 – the stationary industrial scanner with the industry’s first 9 MP sensor and multiple focus modes: Fixed, Sequential and Dynamic  
  • Memor 20 – the rugged, dual sim, top performing smartphone sized device that is ideal for last mile operations
  • HandScanner – the wearable scanner that frees workers to use both hands for maximum productivity

These solutions will be highlighted at ProMat DX 2021 at three live video seminars: 


  • Image-based code readers

New technology in supply chain traceability increases reliability and reduces the system cost of parcel detection even when barcodes are damaged, poorly printed, or hard to detect. Apr 13 at 1:45pm Central Time


  • Mobility solutions

Advances and innovation in mobility technology help enterprises reap benefits for traceability making it easier thrive in these digital times. Apr 14 at 10:15am Central Time


  • Mass Flow Detection System

Learn how to eliminate manual measuring, identification, and scanning of non-conveyable items and reduce associated expenses by over 60%. Apr 15 at 1:30pm Central Time


Each seminar presents attendees with detailed insights using video presentations. A live question and answer session follow each seminar so attendees can interact directly with subject matter experts from Datalogic.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest in supply chain traceability technology and solutions from Datalogic at ProMat DX.

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