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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic shield: your android security! - Datalogic

Bologna, April 23rd 2019 - Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and industrial process automation, is pleased to announce the availability of Datalogic Shield, a new software security service that extends the lifecycle of mobile computers running Android™, offering Datalogic customers years of protection on their rugged device investment.

Customers are Datalogic’s priority. With Datalogic Shield, our Customers receive an extended period of security support exceeding 5 years - much longer than the usual 2-3 years of consumer mobile security support, along with OS version upgrades. This reduces the total cost of ownership, reduces security risks, and extends the useful life of their devices.

Datalogic Shield ensures our Customers a number of benefits:

  • Quarterly security patches based on the Android Security Bulletins from GoogleTM
  • Support for 2 years after device’s end of sale: this provides support longevity of 5-7 years, exactly what Enterprise customers expect.
  • Android major version (dessert) upgrades: this enhances productivity, extends the lifecycle of the device, and offers the newest features in the Android platform and OS.
  • 12-month transition support for prior Android versions: this offers a comfortable transition period for customers to plan their upgrade to the latest Android version.
  • Regular firmware updates providing on-going enhancements along with fixes for the device: the Shield updates not only include security patches from Google and our chipset provider, they also include Datalogic’s fixes and improvements. This keeps your devices at optimal performance.
  • Automatic customer notifications of new updates: Subscribers to Datalogic Shield can sign up for tailored email notifications to let them know as soon as updates are available for their specific products.
  • Datalogic Shield initially covers the following Datalogic mobile computers: Joya™ Touch A6; Memor™ 1; and Memor™ 10.  All future Android handheld mobile computers from Datalogic are planned to be covered by Datalogic Shield.

Together with the launch of Datalogic Shield, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Datalogic Developer Site, a ‘one stop shop’ for Datalogic's mobile software, accessible directly from:https://developer.datalogic.comThe Datalogic Developer Site includes not only the latest technical news & updates, but also a Discussion Forum to leverage Datalogic experts and the technical community as a whole.

“Datalogic Shield provides tremendous value to our customers, going a step beyond the Android Enterprise Recommended Program and provides a comprehensive package of services to extend the life of our rugged mobile computers” stated Pietro Todescato, Group Technology Officer of Datalogic.

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