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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic showcases the latest logistic solutions at CeMAT ASIA 2018 - Datalogic

Shanghai, Oct. 19th 2018. Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, will attend CeMAT ASIA 2018 , a leading international exhibition for material handling, automation, transport and logistics technologies in Asia.

G. China & S. Korea Sales VP & GM - Jerry Chang said: “Datalogic manufactures bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, RFID vision and laser marking systems that are fundamental to generating and capturing data, and has complete product lines and solutions for customers of different industries.

The trade show will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on November 6-9, 2018, gathering all the international and local market leaders, as well as experts from universities and institutions.

Datalogic brings to CeMAT ASIA 2018 featured products, technology and solutions of Machine Vision, Identification, Sensor & Safety, RFID, Scan Engine, Hand Held Scanner, and Mobile Computer, confirming its leading role in the delivery of data-driven solutions for the transportation and logistics industry.

Extensive live demonstrations of multiple products and solutions will be showcased at booth W1-C5:

ATR Solution - Automatic Tag Reading: Datalogic Automatic Tag Reading is the high performance solution in baggage sortation applications. Datalogic ATR offers the simplicity of a standard solution in conjunction with very high performance thanks to the use of top class barcode readers. An excellent availability is provided through the Datalogic Redundant System (REDS) that is capable to promptly react to any kind of system failure automatically enabling the backup hardware. All the products are designed to minimize maintenance activities on site and to allow, in case of failure of a generic subcomponent, a complete automatic backup, without any external interaction.

MATRIX 450N: The Matrix 450N™ high-end industrial 2D imager is designed for logistic applications. It embeds the standard Matrix Series configuration software DL.Code™. The DL.Code™ software tremendously improves the ease of setup and is intuitive for the user. The Matrix 450N™ imager perfectly meets the requirements of both automated and manual material handling. It is a top performing 2D imager that has superior reading performance and is able to provide higher customer productivity with reduced labor costs.

DX8210: DX8210™ is high performance laser bar code reader purpose built to offer to offer top reading performance combined and ease of use to End User and System Integrators specialized in the Transport and Logistics market. Thanks to its unique design, DX8210™ offers an ALL-IN-ONE solution for omnidirectional reading stations. This single device is capable of reading codes at any orientation on the conveyor. With the benefits of state-of-the-art technology and innovative optic design, DX8210™ can cover a wide conveyor and large depth of field to satisfy demanding applications. A high scan rate (1000 scans/sec) allows DX8210™ to work perfectly on high speed conveyors for mass production.

AV7000: The AV7000™ camera system delivers 360-degree high speed package intelligence for any material handling system having conveyors, tilt trays and cross belt sorters. With superior optic performance, the AV7000™ is the cornerstone of any data array designed to manage package identification for distribution centers, parcel facilities, and warehouses worldwide. From boxes and parcels to flats and polybags, the AV7000™ identification array guarantees superior performance on high speed conveyor systems, ensuring the best efficiencies for material handling solutions.

LASER SENTINEL: The Laser Sentinel™ can provide a complete application-oriented solution based on the safe monitoring of a two dimensional area, including all functions needed for static applications (such as robot cells, machine protection, machine opening protections, etc.) as well as dynamic applications (automated guided vehicles, automated guided carts and forklifts) in a compact device with high level detection performances.

Customers are invited to visit Datalogic booth – W1-C5 and talk with our Industry Managers, Product Managers, sales executives, and other senior managers.

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