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Press Releases

Press Releases

Faster and more accurate inventory with the new powerful 2128P RFID - Datalogic

Bologna, October 13th,2020. Datalogic significantly increases the value of the innovative wireless charging PDA Memor™ 10, with the new, best-in-class UHF RFID 2128P hand held reader, bringing unmatched reading, writing and localization capabilities.

Now workers can do a faster and more accurate inventory, extending to 9 meters the nominal read range – 33% longer compared to other similar units on the market – allowed by a 34 dBm of maximum RF output power. When connected with the Memor 10, the combination simplifies work and increases the precision of inventory in Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare applications.

The 2128P RFID reader allows customers, to more easily than ever locate, hard-to-find RFID tagged assets. Advanced visual and audio indicators, coupled to embedded processes and accelerometers, make it the most configurable, in-depth and “search and find” capable RFID reader currently available on the market. In addition, any duplicated tags are automatically and instantly discarded by the de-duplication software system, improving reading performance and facilitating data flow.

Users can directly connect the 2128P RFID reader to the Memor 10 PDA using an ePop-Loq® mount. In addition, this mount enables an ultra-secure wired connection for data transfer. This innovative mounting solution provides a one-piece UHF RFID scanning solution. Recharging operations are simplified and accelerated, since it charges simultaneously the RFID reader and the PDA in one charging station – without the need to disconnect unlike other devices on the market.

With the Memor 10 coupled to the 2128P RFID reader, users have the most ergonomic solution for inventory control that is ideal for applications in Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing and Healthcare. They can store offline up to 500 million transponder EPCs on a 32GB Micro SD card. The RFID Sled comes packaged with useful applications and tools making it ready to go out-of-the-box.

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