Joya+ at INCO in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, April 2011 - INCO Denmark, cash & carry leader, believes changes and continuous improvement are the key to success. This is why, after a 6-year collaboration with Datalogic, it has updated its Fast Track service by installing the new Datalogic shopper pod.

The Fast Track self-shopping service introduced by INCO Denmark in 2005 confirms this strategy. Customers are already familiar with this way of shopping and sees it as a perfect way to minimize the check out time. All those who have already had this positive experience, can now also take full advantage of the new mobile communication technologies integrated in "Joya+" model, such as touch screen, bluetooth communication and others.

This choice allows INCO Denmark to continue its first mover position. Always providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience through innovation and new technologies, now and in the future.

In fact, JoyaTM's ergonomics and ease of use allows INCO Denmark customers to receive information both before and while shopping. It could be for example promotions, services etc. Additionally, the touch screen makes faster inserting and controlling quantities which are going to be purchased.

Then to facilitate the process in case of a check of customer's shopping, the partial / full rescan functionality of ShopevolutionTM application helps inco Denmark staff to save time (without the need to take out heavy items from trolleys).

Finally, when the customers have finished their shopping, they can check-out by choosing either payments with automatic kiosks for cash and/or by credit card.

CIO John Svendsen explains that roll-out was done smoothly and those customers already using the old model had no problems using the new model. Users also stressed the importance of inco as a company using self-scanning as this made inco a preferred Cash & Carry to do the shopping in - due to the speed on check-outs and new functionality.