LaneHawk InCart: Items in the Shopping Cart are Covered from Top to Bottom

LaneHawk InCart presents one of several solutions provided by the LaneHawk family product line. InCart does from above that which LaneHawk BOB does from below. It recognizes the items going through the check-out lane and notifies the cashier in real time when the item has not yet been paid for. InCart uses the same patented ViPR recognition engine as LaneHawk BOB. This allows it to run on the same server to capture items left on the top basket of a shopping cart, in parallel with LaneHawk BOB detecting items on the bottom of the basket. When InCart recognizes an item, it first checks to see whether the item has already been rung up. If, by the end of the transaction, the item has not been scanned, LaneHawk notifies the cashier that the item was missed. Like LaneHawk BOB, InCart can produce several different reports to track cashier usage in order to target suspicious activities and reinforce best practices.


Because LaneHawk InCart is looking at a larger region from an overhead camera, and is examining all items present in the basket, it has many more items to look through and recognize. For this reason, the ideal environment for LaneHawk InCart is retailers with larger products and lower SKU counts, or who desire to target a small segment of their SKU’s to focus on high ticket and/or high theft items. Some examples include home improvement, electronic merchandise, and warehouse supermarkets.