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Press Releases

Press Releases

LD50 series

The LD50 luminescence sensor line offers the best solution for all the applications where cost reduction is requested, without compromising the excellent detection performances.

The optimised optics of these sensors, together with the powerful UV LED emission and the high receiving sensitivity of visibile light, allow the detection of the weakest luminescence level, like in case of small flourescent markings, with the highest immunity from the surface colour or reflectivity variations.

Thanks to only two 'Up' and 'Down' push-buttons for sensitivity increase and decrease, the sensor setting is very easy and intuitive. Furthermore, different luminescence levels present on the same surface can be distinguished.

LD50 sensors can find typical applications on packaging machinery for food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical goods, for the detection of papermade luminescent targets, like labels on reflective surface or sheets placed inside transparent or semi-open boxes.

Other frequent applications can be found in ceramic, wood, textile or mechanical industries, always for fluorescent parts or marks detection.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and multiple fixing holes with metallic inserts present in standard positions, the sturdy ABS plastic housing is fully compatible and can replace the most traditional luminescent sensors, also offering an interesting cost reduction.