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Press Releases

Press Releases

SC5100 System Controller INTEGRATION AT THE NEXT LEVEL - Datalogic

Bologna, February 3rd, 2021. Datalogic introduces the new SC5100, the fourth generation of System Controllers bringing the integration capabilities of high-end stationary industrial scanners to the next level of effectiveness, flexibility and ease of installation.

Continuing the history started in 1999 with the first controller for Logistics Applications, SC5100 has been designed to include native integration throughout the stationary industrial scanner portfolio (DS/DX Laser readers, AV Imagers, DM3610 Dimensioner) and connectivity towards 3rd party components (e.g. RFID and scales).

The SC5100 provides full support to advanced solutions (like DWS = Scan-Dim-Weight and BHS = Baggage Handling) and openness to future applications within the logistics environments.

The presence of the fully configurable embedded 4 port GB Ethernet switch, the optional Fieldbus modules and the extended memory hosting Scale Alibi, exhibit first class flexibility to support composite solutions.

This Powered Integration means also state-of-the-art connectivity options for complete data merging among different sub-subsystems and local/remote monitoring, thus making SC5100 ready to exploit IoT and Industry 4.0 developing environments. 

The new SC5100 hardware and software design will also grant faster installation, cabling and configuration, eventually turning into Improved Readiness to go live.

System Integrators and End Users will benefit from the overall flexibility and higher efficiency with Solutions fitting perfectly Applications requirements and ready to be deployed: both integration and installation costs are reduced.

The new SC5100 confirms excellence in delivering direct human interface which delights customers with next level capabilities such as the enriched visual interaction by means of the new 5-inch graphical display, a renewed keypad, and status LEDs.

These features allow unprecedent end-user experience effectiveness directly at conveyor side, with no need of a protecting cabinet, thanks to SC5100 industrial protection grade against dust and water. Together with direct monitoring, remote monitoring (SC5100 is the perfect bridge towards Datalogic’s WebSentinel™ PLUS software suite) and the optional Full Redundancy Layout (dual SC5100 for Controller Hot Swap) are winning factors for productivity maximization and Augmented Reliability for such Systems being the heart of Auto ID for Logistics Application.

The new Datalogic SC5100 represents Integration at Next Level for Systems in Logistics raising the standard for applications in this arena. Integrators and enterprises in transportation, logistics, distribution and airports can effectively reap the benefits of Powered Integration, Improved Readiness and Augmented Reliability for a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

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