Selver innovates the shopping experience in Estonia with Joya and Shopevolution from Datalogic

Tallinn, April 21, 2011 - At the end of April, Datalogic, world leader in the bar code market and solutions for self-shopping and Nixor EE, Estonian leading POS solutions provider, will update the Selver supermarket in Tallinn with its self-shopping solution ShopevolutionTM making shopping easier and more interactive. 

Selver is one of the largest chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets (35 outlets across the country) operating in Estonia, and is the first Estonian retailer to offer self-shopping service to its customers.

Tallinn supermarket, chosen as a pilot, is a completely renewed site in the Kadaka district, a part of Mustamäe, one of the most populated areas in Tallinn, enhanced by these innovations in development.

The self-shopping service, called SelveEkspress, can be used by loyal customers equipped with loyalty cards Partnerkaart or Partnerkaart circuit credit cards.

Customers will be able to use one of the 99 Joya terminals available in the supermarket (situated on two levels, with 5000sqm hall and 11 counters) and will also access SelveEkspress service in complete autonomy.

SelveEkspress represents a turning point in the shopping experience, allowing customers to experience the store in a completely customized way. Joya makes shopping easier by reading the barcodes of chosen products, and, after having placed the goods inside the trolley, displaying the total of the purchase with all relative product information in the Estonian and Russian languages.

The big advantage for the customers is reduced wait time at check-out: once shopping is finished, the customer simply goes to one of the self-payment kiosks in order to complete card payment and print out a receipt or hands the Joya pod to the check-out clerk . In just one movement, everything is already done, without necessity to put the goods on the conveyer!

The advent of new technology will help increase customer loyalty, allow Selver to differentiate itself from competitors, and focus on strategic goals such as innovation, reduction of time lost during shopping and customers' curiosity for new items in the store.


As with all customers using Shopevolution and Joya, the first store will be another strong point for the Selver brand.