SG2 series Type 2 safeasysafety light curtains with the best performance/cost ratio

The new SG2 Type 2 safety light curtains represent the natural evolution of the SF2 series. Two models are available, SG2-B Base™ and SG2-E ™Extended™, in order to guarantee the maximum compatibility with the SF2 series (SG2-B) and the availability of advanced functions for a Type 2 safety light curtain, such as EDM and Anti-Interference (SG2-E).

Other distinctive features include the operating distance reaching 19 m, controlled heights ranging from 150 to 1800 mm,  one of the best response times available today, as well as the more functional new profile.  The product is also supplied with new TOP-BOTTOM™ rotating fixing brackets that simplify and speed the alignment of the TX and RX units, also at long distances and in applications with deviating mirrors.