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Press Releases

Press Releases

The new S8 IO-Link sensors enhance detection and reduce total cost of ownership

Bologna, November 24th, 2020. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, is pleased to announce the new S8 IO-Link sensor models.

These sensors come in two models, featuring specific advantages:

  • The S8-B53 model features a polarized retro-reflective function with coaxial optics and laser emission, representing the best solution for customers needing to rely on a high detection precision at long distance, including on very small objects.
  • The S8-W03 model contrast sensor enables stable and unbeatable mark detection, offering the best resolution on grayscale or color mark / background combination, even on glossy surfaces.
  • The S8-T53 model is a coaxial retro-reflective polarized which has a very high precision and resolution for all type of challenging application with very transparent objects (glass and plastic film materials).
  • The S8-U03 model is a luminescence sensor with a high grade of accuracy in luminescent marks or materials. Thanks to its programmable operating frequency and distance, it can be suitable in a wide application range.


All the new S8 IO-Link sensor models feature IO-Link, to allow data exchanges between Smart Sensors and a Master interfaced to any fieldbus and communication network. From a customer perspective, this means reduced standard wiring, more data availability, easier commissioning, quick diagnostics and replacement. Users obtain very relevant benefits to leverage, including better quality, reduced downtime, greater flexibility, and productivity. In addition, its double channel output connectivity allows customers to configure the new S8 on the fly while machines are operating at full speed. These characteristics lead to a considerable decrease in the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The new S8 photoelectric sensor line supports the latest IO-Link protocol (V1.1.2), with data storage and Smart Sensor profile.

S8 Smart Sensor advantages include immunity to interferences, short response time, and very low jitter added on the full frequency output, keeping the operating frequency and detecting precision always constant.

S8 IO-Link is the perfect solution to enable digital manufacturing in Automotive and Electronics assembling, Food and Pharma processing, Packaging machinery and Intralogistics.