The store is fundamental for the decisional process during shopping

It's the classic scenario: a customer with a vague idea of what to purchase enters a store. This idea is generally based on information received from his/her contacts, or so called communication channels, as for example advertisements, conversations with relatives and friends or personal experience.

The product selection process starts in this manner and as a consequence the brand choice, leading to the final purchase.
The purchase is the arrival point in the selection process which has led the customer to the gradual restriction of the choice of goods, which reduces progressively to reach the brand/s of purchased goods.

Marketing's purpose has always been to influence these touch points at each phase of the customer decision process in order to lead the potential buyer to the certain brands producing an effect on his behaviour and leading him/her to the final purchase.


"The suggestion phase coming from external factors is very important: advertisements, conversations with relatives and friends - these are the inputs that point the customers' choice in a certain direction" - declares Luigi Frison marketing manager at Datalogic Mobile EBS, "however, a modern consumer is not easily influenced anymore. This is why he/she should be personally and actively involved in the purchasing process."


Therefore, there is a perspective change: general messages are no longer sent to the masses in order to address their choice, but rather a focused one that is conceived first of all, with a consumption and consumer analysis along with the criteria that determines people's choices.


"One of the natural consequences of this new scenario" - continues Frison, "is a customer's longer stay in the store, where innovative merchandizing, packaging, logistics and other factors influencing the customers choice have strategic importance."


From this point of view, Joya is a fundamental touch point for customer shopping. Joya enhances self scanning, while creating a direct and real-time contact between retailer and consumer at the same time. "In fact, Joya becomes a personal consultant able to suggest the best product on the basis of each customer's commercial background" - continues Frison, "communicating store promotions and keeping the purchase total updated. Thanks to Joya, it is possible to interact both in a mass marketing and one-to-one relationship, providing good purchasing input and increasing the customer's loyalty."

"This is an investment in dynamism and real time efficiency" - concludes Frison, "the consumer that uses Joya is involved in a kind of "shopping game" in which the customer moves ahead step-by-step and where the final reward is not only a purchase, but a very involving, fun and conscious way of shopping."