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Press Releases

Press Releases

New QuickScan QD2500 Series: Superior performance, affordably - Datalogic

Bologna, March 25th, 2021. Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, is pleased to announce the new QuickScan™ QD2500 2D imager. It is designed to be the operators’ ideal partner at the POS check-out which never lets them down in data capture.

Personnel can always count on the robust QuickScan QD2500’s extreme scanning accuracy and avoid erroneous or accidental readings. Workers need to promptly read whatever the barcode is, no matter if it is hard-to-read, poorly printed, or damaged. The superior performances of this device are guaranteed by the best-in-class depth of field and snappiness on the market. The new Datalogic 2D imager instantly scans also mobile device screens and through plexiglass barriers.

Operators can be faster in pointing, shooting and decoding the correct label, with the outstanding dual blue LED-based aimer of the QuickScan. In addition, good reads confirmations are provided instantly, so personnel can proceed as fast as possible, especially during peak hours. The unique Green Spot technology guarantees that immediacy.

To improve operator’s efficiency and productivity, the QuickScan provides both a tactile and an audible reading feedback. At the pull of a trigger, the operator immediately knows the scan has been performed right. Furthermore, the QuickScan QD2500 is amazingly reliable and avoids breakdowns, resets, and miscommunications. It boasts superior robustness for an entry level pricing. The well-designed and high-quality trigger withstands 10 million hits, the top of the range for such devices on the market.    

The QuickScan QD2500 provides a fast and easy out-of-the-box experience and installation, dramatically cutting deployment times. While tools at POS check-out continuously evolve, businesses need to connect their scanners to any kind of new POS system, cash register, new PC and/or Tablet. The QuickScan is ready for all, including for materials requiring the latest USB-C standard. And staff is not annoyed anymore by inopportune resets and downtime issues: the flexible cables provided bring the highest immunity to ESD discharge.

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